The Bandit 30k

Well. Here we are internet! You are now reading the blog of a runner that completed an incredibly tough and intimidating 30k trail race this past weekend! I don’t want to sound overly confident, BUT it’s pretty cool to say I’ve run 30k. WHAT!? Let’s back up a little. I signed up for the Bandit […]

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2015- A Year in Pictures

WOW. Just wow. 2015 probably will forever be known as the year that absolutely FLEW. Let’s review…   January 2015: Back to the mountains! The winter weather was amazing so we all decided to take advantage! Here’s our group standing atop Echo Mountain.   February 2015: Spending time with my Valentine, Rocky!   March 2015: […]

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The NoName 15k

Wait, Stephanie ran a race?! Yes, I did! FINALLY! It feels like it’s been forever since my last race. I was able to run a 5k at the 4th of July in Tennessee but that was more of a fun run. I signed up for the NoName 15k back in the spring for something to […]

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Trail Warriors

Trail Warrior (n.)- a person who dominates each challenge that any trail thrown at them. Incline, terrain, weather, exposure. Sentence: “Did you hear about the Fleet Feet Burbank Trail Warriors? We should go and check out that group!” This has to be one of the coolest running programs that Fleet Feet has to offer. Each […]

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