2017: A Year In Review

Another YEAR?! WHAT?! (I say this every year as I slowly start to realize when I get older, time goes much much faster)

Well, 2017…you were an interesting year. Here’s what happened!

January 2017:

Started the year with an epic winter here in SoCal. Can you believe this spot is only a hour and a half outside LA?!


February 2017:

Rocky and I visted Harry Potter World!



March 2017

Mom and Dad visted SoCal and because of that epic winter, we had amazing SUPER BLOOMS!


April 2017:

The month of my ‘almost’ marathon. Finished the Rock ‘N Roll Nashville Half after getting diverted due to heat.


May 2017

Little sister came to visit!


June 2017

One of my best friends got married in Rhode Island and I had the honor of being a groomswoman! Also, got to see Colgan in NYC! 19989617_10156524467899968_7007399112217703412_n.jpg


July 2017

Annual trip to Nashville, TN to hang and celebrate with family!


August 2017

We crewed Rocky through 62 miles of the Angeles Crest 100 trail race and I hit my 5 year mark at my current job!



September 2017

We took an amazing semi-impromptu trip back home to see my family and go to the Great New York State Fair!



October 2017

Ran a hot hot hot hot 30k at NoName and dressed up as Rocky and Adrian for Halloween! 22308679_10210852160764805_3980669484247842997_n.jpg


November 2017

I finally, finally….got my marathon finish at the North Face Endurance Challenge in San Francisco!


December 2017

Closed out 2017 with a smile and welcomed in 2018 with open hearts and minds!


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