2016- A Year in Pictures

ANOTHER YEAR?! I swear they were totally right when they said the older you get, the faster time goes…

I know many people are calling 2016 a ‘dumpster fire’ of a year, but personally, I had a great year. See below.


2016 started off with a BANG. I finished my first 30k trail race! It was hard and tough but felt extremely accomplished after that.




The Marathon Olympic Trials were held in LA! I never even imagined being able to elite marathon runners right in front of me. Of course, there was a Oiselle cowbell corner and an AMAZING after party! So many fierce female runners in one room.

Rocky also ran the LA Marathon the day after on Valentines Day and surprised me with flowers!



The Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon! I was itching to do another race after the 30k and this race was local so I said why not?  I came within 2 minutes of my road half PR and this course had elevation soooooo progress was being made!

My mom and dad also visited and I saw the Hoover Dam!


April- Part 1

Oregon! Rocky had a 100k race up near Portland so we jetted up to this amazingly beautiful part of the country!


April- Part 2

The Boston Marathon! Rocky did alot of running this month. We made the trek to Boston, stayed with old friends, explored an even older city while Rocky ran the most famous race in the world!



Decided to chop my hair just in time for my 50k training to begin!



Shadow of the Giants! I have a whole blog post about this race so just scroll down and you’ll see it! Another gorgeous trail race, camping with friends and wonderful much needed time in the woods up near Yosemite National Park.



My now annual trip to Nashville, TN! Lots of time on the lake with my family but also made time to run the Fiddler 5k for the 4th of July!



The month I sprained my ankle….. Also have a post about this. 50k wasn’t going to happen so I shut down the running for a while and stuck to cross training and some hiking.



After a month off, I was able to start running again! Slowwwww and steady!



My first trail race back! The NoName 15k! This was supposed to be 30k but I had to adjust some races due to that pesky ankle injury. This was an awesome day. We had alot of people from our running group take on some big goals.

My cousin also got married so I was able to meet up with the whole fam in Chicago!



The month where tons of my running friends took on the Chino Hills 50k and ran so well! While I wasn’t able to participate, it was so wonderful seeing all of them accomplish their goals.


Holiday time is always exciting but sort of crazy too. I always love running the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving.



Marathon training began, a fantastic Christmas party with Rocky and a lovely trip home to close out the year.


Here’s to another year of fantastic adventures!

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