2015- A Year in Pictures

WOW. Just wow. 2015 probably will forever be known as the year that absolutely FLEW. Let’s review…


January 2015:

Back to the mountains! The winter weather was amazing so we all decided to take advantage! Here’s our group standing atop Echo Mountain.



February 2015:

Spending time with my Valentine, Rocky!



March 2015:

The most epic of ski trips with the most amazing friends to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I am still in awe of how beautiful this country is.


March 2015: (Part 2)

Rocky qualified for the Boston Marathon while running the LA Marathon this year!


March 2015: (part 3)

I ran my first ever 10k with Britt!


April 2105:

Ran the Derby Day 5k at the Santa Anita Race Track. Not sure how many races allow you to cross the finish line ON the race track!


April 2015: (part 2)

Rocky ran ANOTHER 50 mile race! This time, part of the course was on the famous Pacific Crest Trail. He continues to amaze me everyday!


May 2015:

Born to Run. One of the best trail running and camping adventures I’ve ever experienced. An amazing weekend of running, friends, beer and music.


June 2015:

Rocky WON a trail 10k! Sadly, I missed it BUT this is an incredible achievement.


July 2015:

Ran the Fiddler 5k in Smithville, TN for the second year in a row! A small little race in rural Tennessee while visiting family for the 4th of July.


August 2015:

My first time ever being a bridesmaid to one of my bests Beth! So much fun seeing her get married!


August 2015 (part 2)

Also adventuring around Upstate NY with Rocky! This is in Watkins Glen State Park.



September 2105:

I FINALLY got to meet all the other SoCal Oiselle birds! So much fun getting to know these fierce and fast ladies!


October 2015:

My first 15k trail race! Beautiful views and good friends out there to support me. This was a huge confidence boost! (And first time flying in my Oiselle slinglet!)


November 2105:

Another traditional Turkey Trot in the books!


December 2015:

The North Face Endurance Challenge in San Fran! Ran a PR and enjoyed every minute of it!


December 2015 (part 2)

My Fleet Feet running family. Couldn’t be more grateful!



December 2015 (part 3)

And of course, family at Christmas. Wouldn’t have it any other way!



Bring it on 2016!




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