Heads Up Wings Out (Oiselle Team!)

You are now reading the blog of one of the newest members of the Oiselle Voleé! Now, let me explain what that means.

Oiselle (french for ‘bird’) is one of the newest and coolest running apparel companies out of Seattle that is only for women. Be sure to check out their website (after you read this). They’ve made a splash at New York Fashion Week by using REAL women athletes to model their clothes. Pro athletes like Kara Goucher and Lauren Fleshman have left HUGE companies like Nike in the dust to join Oiselle strictly for what the company stands for: sisterhood and fast, strong women.

I knew Oiselle was planning on opening up their team a while ago but didn’t exactly know when. Kristin, the team manager, saw my tweets and reached out to me to give me more info on the team. At the time, they have the Voleé and the Flock. Voleé was more for the elite racers and runners and the flock for runners like me. But this summer they decided to get rid of the separation and have all these women be part of the same Voleé. When the registration opened up on that Friday morning at 9am PST, I was ready to go. After an hour of frantic tweets to other runners and hitting the refresh button, I made it! I was now part of this amazing group of fast women and could not have been more excited. Heads up, wings out, go fast and take chances.


One thought on “Heads Up Wings Out (Oiselle Team!)

  1. Congrats! I got in too! Love the clothes and love the camaraderie at Oiselle. Just wish I lived near their store in Seattle! It’s exciting to be part of the team now that they opened it up to everyone but it’s still a bit intimidating to me. But I really want to try to go to Bird Camp 16! Maybe I’ll see you there!

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