The Agoura Hills 10k

What’s up internet!? It’s been a while. I have some race recaps for you and a training update! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while… It’s an understatement to say that work has been overwhelmingly busy and life keeps flying by. Since my last post, I ran my first ever 10k (woo hoo!) and a reallllly fun 5k at the Santa Anita Race Track. I’ve also rolled right into my training for the Born to Run 10 mile race and things are good!

The Agoura Hills 10k

Incredibly excited and slightly nervous for this race. I think I was nervous because I didn’t really know how to race this distance. When I did the half marathon, I only wanted to finish strong. I didn’t care how long it was going to take me. However, with this 10k, I felt like I could actually push myself for a time. Fortunately, my friend Britt was also running the race with me. I always like to know at least 1 person in the race… makes it more fun! Anyways, the race was about a half hour away with a 7:30am start time so we left EARLY since the parking situation was kinda bad. I was tired but I knew the adrenaline would kick in soon and I would be fine. ranked this race as the #1 10k with the best view and best post-race party so that was a great perk too! We got up to the starting line after the half marathoners left and before I knew it the gun was off! We started off on a HUGE downhill. It was like at least a half mile of downhill. There were alot of steep but short hills throughout this race and some people really didn’t know how to handle them. They would walk up the steep part but has soon as they get over the top, people would barrel downhill and not all of them were in control. It was dangerous at times but I’ll touch on that later.

Miles 1-3: Like I said, the first half mile was downhill and then we meandered through a neighborhood and actually ran right by the finish line when we hit mile 2. What a tease… After this we had a steady climb up into these beautiful pastures with alot of horses. Mile 3 actually had a nice dirt path along the side of the road for a while so we decided to give our legs a break from the road and try it out and it was awesome.

All smiles at Mile 3!

Miles 4 and 5: This was when the hills hit. I was feeling pretty good here so I picked up the pace. I had the most annoying side stitch throughout this entire race and I think it was because I was dehydrated. I had a couple Gu’s with me and I tried to time eating them just before a water station and that seemed to help. Anytime I had some food and water, the stitch subsided for a little bit. Like I said before, the hills on this course were steep but short. I didn’t want to walk any of them so I powered up the mile 4 hill and looked for a water station but alas… no water station. I was so thirsty and I knew there was another hill coming. Mile 5 hit and still no water, people were walking alot here but I kept going up the next hill. FINALLY I saw water and it was amazing. It wasn’t even that hot but I knew I wasn’t properly hydrated before this race so I needed it.

Mile 6.2: Almost there! We rounded the corner from our last climb and I started to recognize where I was and I could hear the crowds at the finish. Legs were still moving ok but my side stitch was telling me that I needed to be done. Remember when I said people were being careless on the downhills? Well in the last .3 miles or so, it’s downhill to the finish. Everyone was tired and trying to get to that finish and… I fell. Right down on the pavement. In front of alot of people spectating. Yeah. I was so focused on the finish and I picked up my pace and a girl in front of me slammed on the breaks going down the hill and I tripped over her. She was fine. I wasn’t…. Anyways, I picked myself right back up because I couldn’t lose time over this stupid trip. I gave everything I had left to get to the finish line.

Final 10k: 1:06 (not bad right?!)

All in all this race was really fun! I really enjoyed the distance and I feel like I pushed myself really well. Definitely doing one of those again. Stick around for my next recap of the Derby Day 5k!

Hooray for 10k!

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