So. I seem to be getting faster. This week was the first week where I’ve really felt a difference in my running. My ‘easy’ pace is now below 10 minutes and I’m averaging 9:20 pace on my 3 to 4 mile runs. I had a strange thought last night while out for my pub run with the Fleet Feet running group. I thought about the days when completing the 3 mile loop was a challenge. I remember many times in the beginning where I really needed walk breaks. My feet hurt, my lungs burned and I was slower in general. Now I’m feeling the hard work getting from that point to now kicking in and my goodness, it feels SO rewarding. It all circles back to the same split decision to go to the pub run that hot summer evening last year. What if I had’t decided to go that night? What if I had just run my half marathon and called it quits after that?

Thanks to that major decision, my life has changed forever. I guess you could call it a true ‘life changing decision’. This is going to be a short post but I wanted to get it out there and thank the Fleet Feet Burbank crew and the universe in general for helping me make that decision to come run with you last year. You’ve changed my life.

Couldn’t be more grateful for these people.


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