A 10K and a 10 Miler

Well hi everyone! It’s been a while! I’d like to update you all on what’s been going on the last couple of months.

After December’s crazy awesome trail run at the North Face Endurance Challenge, my outlook on racing changed a bit. There is a whole other world out there that is trail running. The community has such a different feel to it but not any worse or better than road running. But different. I know I’ve said this before, but if you told me a year ago today that I would be signed up for a 10 mile trail race in May, I would say you were absolutely crazy. It’s so funny how one little decision can completely take your life in a whole new direction.

Last summer, after deciding to sign up for a half marathon, I went over to check out Fleet Feet Burbank’s weekly Pub Run (scroll down for a post about this experience). I was the new kid and didn’t know a single person there but since the running community is SO welcoming, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I now have some wonderful friends and an incredible new relationship that all budded from this community. These people encouraged me to keep running, cross training and even start getting out on the trails for a change of scenery.

This week I decided to take on 2 new goals. An official 10K on the road and another longer trail race. I’ve never run an official 10K being timed and all. I wanted to get one in the books so I signed up for the Chesboro 10K out in Agoura Hills in March. Active.com voted it the race with the best scenery and post-race party. What’s not to like?

I also signed for the Born To Run 10 mile trail race in May. This one will be more of a challenge because it’s soooo much farther than the 10k. Also lots of climbing. I’m almost done reading Chris McDougall’s book Born To Run and I’ve been truly inspired to keep running and just be outside more this year. There’s so much to see and do. Having a desk job indoors 5 days a week makes me want to be outside even more. This is also a race with a high campout and weekend long festival. A bunch of people from my running group are going and I could not be more excited. A weekend full for running, friends and just being outside. Sounds like my kind of party.



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