2014- A Year in Pictures

Happy 2015!

While you were all sleeping in, I decided to get out and run the New Years Resolution 5K to start the year off right. I’m never really the one to go back and reflect on the year past and set specific goals for the next one. However, it was easy for me to do that this time. Running has transformed my life (again?). In 2014, I took on new goals and exposed myself to a side of running that was completely foreign to me. With a half marathon and an official trail race in the bag this year, I can definitely say that 2014 ended on a high note. Even though each year has its highs and lows, I’m only really focusing on the highs and there were a lot of them. Here’s a quick recap of my year:

January 2014:

Katie came out to visit me in LA for a few days before she went off to New Zealand for school. We did the beach, a hike and even did a full day in Disneyland! What a fun visit.

Katie visits me in California!

February 2014:

My amazing friend Michele just got a new job at Disney and she got some tickets for a special screening of Sleeping Beauty on the Disney Lot in Burbank. Very cool to see such a historic film in a big theater.

Special movie screening with Michele for Valentines Day!

March 2014:

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Veronica Mars. When the movie was announced last year, March couldn’t come soon enough. We bought tickets right away for opening weekend and by pure coincidence, one of the actors was there! He’s a main character in the show and also happens to be super cute.

Met a cast member of Veronica Mars at the movie screening! Jason Dohring (aka Logan Echolls)

April 2014:

Mom and Dad always try to make a trip out to California in the spring and this time, we met up in Vegas! What a fun time to be in Vegas and with Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad meet me in Las Vegas for my 24th Birthday!

May 2014:

My first official race to get back on track with my running! Ran the Miles for Melanoma 5K with Laura on the backlot of Universal. (recap in the blog)

Laura and I take on the Miles for Melanoma 5K!

June 2014:

Even though I was dealing with an annoying injury, my running was going well. National Running Day was in June and I was determined to keep training for my half. Thumbs up!

Celebrated National Running Day

July 2014:

Traveled to Nashville to visit some of my amazing family for the 4th of July. Found a 5K race to run that weekend and enjoyed spending the holiday with family and friends.

2014-07-05 06.35.01-2
Visited family and ran the Fiddler 5K in Smithville, Tennessee!

August 2014:

Mom came to visit at the end of the month for Labor Day weekend! Moved into a new apartment and started a new chapter in life.

Mom came to California and ran with the Fleet Feet Burbank community!

September 2014:

Made it on the Buffalo Bills website because of our immense support for the team all the way in LA! Busby’s is always full of crazy Bills fans and it is definitely an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning during football season.

Made it onto the Buffalo Bills website for our support all the way from LA! Go Bills!

October 2014:

My half marathon! Even though I wasn’t fully prepared, I had so much fun and I finished with a much faster time than expected. I am DEFINITELY doing that again.

Ran my first half marathon!

Everyone, this is Rocky and he makes life really fun. He’s an ultra marathoner and encourages me to take on new goals and take on new challenges. He’s the best!

Also met this guy…

November 2014:

Finally broke 30 minutes in the 5K. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and I’m so glad I did. Now it’s time to up my milage and take on a 10K on the road.

Broke 30 mins and set a new PR in the 5k!

December 2014:

Probably the most fun I’ve had during a race. Ever. The North Face Endurance Challenge taught me that I am capable of doing anything, as long as I set my mind to it. It also helps to be surrounded by a wonderful group of supportive friends. Thanks Fleet Feet Burbank! Can’t wait for this one next year. Half Marathon maybe?

First trail race! The North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay

I’m always very thankful to be home for the holidays. A lot of people either cannot afford to travel or do not have the time to take off from work. Fortunately, I am able to be with family during the best time of the year in my hometown!

Home for the holidays!

What a great year! I won’t go into my race recap for now because I want to touch on how starting off 2015 with a great run can change my outlook on the whole year. Things are already looking up.



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