New Running Friends

Well hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last post but with the move and then my Mom coming out to visit, time just got away from me! I cannot believe the summer is over. It defintiely doesn’t feel like summer out here, though… September is ALWAYS super hot. We won’t get any relief until at least October. But pumpkin flavored foods and football season gives me the sense that it’s fall.

I have to say, that if anyone is looking for a group to run with, go find your local running store (preferably Fleet Feet)! See if they offer any free group runs during the week. I’ve learned that running attracts really nice and genuine people. Running a couple times a week with the Fleet Feet in town by has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I meet great people every week while getting a good run in all at the same time. The running community really is like nothing else. SO friendly and so supportive no matter what speed or what distance you may run. Everyone is different but I am always better at running when I’m with a buddy. I know sometimes that I have to run alone (which is fine) but it’s a nice treat when I get to run with a group. Nothing like running 3 miles and then enjoying a beer with some really great people. Get out there and run! 

Running with friends.


Injury update: NO foot pain! It’s amazing! I have my new custom inserts and the plantar fasciitis pain is minimal to NONE. My shoes are getting a little flat but I’m waiting on some awesome Mizunos! Can’t wait to start fresh with a new pair of shoes. Running is becoming less of a pain and much more enjoyable. I just have to remind myself to not overdo it in order to prevent any more injuries.


Today’s advice: Patience is a virtue. 




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