Big Life Changes

Hello everyone!

While you were all sleeping in, I decided to participate in Fleet Feet Burbank’s weekly Saturday morning coffee run. Like the pub run, Fleet Feet holds a weekly run for people to start at the store, run 3-6 miles (depends on your preference) and then congregate at a Starbucks down the street for a good ol’ cup of coffee. I think I’ve found my new Saturday activity! A good run around a great community with some really cool people is a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.

Update on PF: My custom inserts have arrived! I am scheduled to go back to the podiatrist, get them fitted and HOPEFULLY continue to recover! I am super pumped to getting back to longer runs. Not all of you may know that there was some major changes in my life recently. Without going into detail, my relationship of 3 years came to an end and I moved into a new apartment all in one weekend. Needless to say, it was ALOT of change in a very small amount of time. This is where I have to say that I am so incredibly grateful for my friends here in LA (in addition to my east coast friends and family of course). I really don’t think I could have gotten through all of this without you so I thank you sincerely.

Circling back to the coffee run, I’ve found that running has really helped me get through all this change as well. Physically, it makes me feel great but I’m also meeting some really wonderful people in the running community here in Burbank and it makes me even more motivated to keep with it. Staying busy is the best medicine for me right now and running helps. Alot.




This is a great quote regarding everything that has gone on in the last week. Moving on from what happened in the past is not easy but it is a necessity. I’m doing my best to do that and really enjoy the life that I have here. I am incredibly thankful for everything and I truly like to believe that everything happens for a reason.




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