4 Miler and Foot Pain

My foot hurts. It’s that simple. A few weeks ago I started to have some pain in my heel. At first, I thought it was just some pain from breaking in my new shoes. But no. I have plantar fasciitis and it sounds alot worse than it really is. Basically, because I increased my milage too rapidly, the tendon in my right foot that runs along my arch became inflamed. So, I have some bad pain in my heel. It’s the worst in the morning because the tendon isn’t extended. Once I’m up and moving the pain goes away but that doesn’t really solve the problem.

The healing process is ice, stretching and some new inserts in my shoe. I’ve never needed inserts before, but I learned that as you get older, the shape of the arch in the foot changes.  This pain also has alot to do with the fact that my body is not used to this much milage in a week. SO I’m determined to get better. I’m willing to try different things. I’ve already invested my effort, my money and my hopes into running this half marathon. This won’t stop me from doing that. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt when I run BUT I don’t want to cause further damage.

In other news, while you were all sleeping in, I broke in my new inserts on a run with my good friend TJ around Silver Lake and Echo Park. We ran around his neighborhood and to this newly renovated park (see pic below). It has an awesome Central Park-esque feeling to it with an awesome view of the skyline of downtown.

2014-06-01 09.41.59


Overall, my heel didn’t hurt. I think the discomfort in my feet was more because I had the new inserts. I was proud that I finished the run. Granted, we stopped here and there but the endurance is getting better right? I was happy. It was the farthest I had run in a long time. One step closer. Now, let’s get my foot back to 100%.

Today’s advice: Be persistent. 




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