The Accidental 5K

While you were all sleeping in, I decided to drive down to Santa Monica this morning to go for a run. I like to change up the scenery once in a while. Burbank is a great, safe place to run but I wanted something different today. This weekend was wide open for me and I thought… why not?


The Santa Monica Pier is a HUGE tourist area for anyone visiting the LA area. Although it’s not the prettiest place in LA, it is certainly fun. Usually it’s super crowded but I was there around 7am (cue the ‘i can’t believe you get up that early on a sunday’ exclamation).  7am in Santa Monica is peaceful. I liked it. After parking and lacing up my shoes, I set off on the long cement path along the coast. I forgot how different the air is at the beach. It’s a little more humid, feels different on the face and definitely tastes different (water please). The run was good but my the coach voice coming from my RunKeeper app told me my first mile was around the 9:20 pace. I almost stopped. I haven’t run a sub-10 minute mile in a loooooong time. I was so happy! But then I slowed down, for some reason I felt that I couldn’t sustain that pace for another mile or even 2. Well… I was wrong. My next mile was around the same time! I couldn’t believe it. Things were looking up.

Oops! Forgot to mention something. The path on the beach in Santa Monica is always full of runners, walkers, bikers… you name it. But this morning it was full of mostly runners. Then I noticed the bib numbers… OH WHAT! I found myself in the middle of 5K/10K/Half Marathon…. HOKAY. I later found out that it was the Beach Fiesta Half Marathon. So after I figured all of this out, I decided to bandit the race! I usually get some good motivation running in a race or around other people. I thought it was pretty amusing at the time. I started sort of the in the middle of the course and ran to the finish. It was fun!

Throughout all of this though, I couldn’t help but notice that I kept thinking that running this morning felt difficult. My legs felt heavy. Like there was no bounce in them… and then I thought again, this isn’t supposed to be easy, this is supposed to be hard work. After running through a random race course and thinking that my feet hurt, my legs hurt, I can’t breathe… I remember that this is still fun. I have BIG goals ahead of me and I’m not giving up.


Today’s advice: Do something on a whim sometimes. It might surprise you! 






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