Miles for Melanoma 5K

My first official post! Hooray! Ok it’s not that cool… but still!

While you were all sleeping in, my bestie Laura and I tackled the Miles for Melanoma 5K. Now there a few cool things about this race….

1. It’s to raise money for melanoma and skin cancer research. Running for a cause is something that I try to aim for when choosing a race. I have a couple of relatives who have battled skin cancer and thankfully conquered it. SO… all in all I was running for a cause and had some personal attachment to it as well.

2. The race course was all around the backlot of Universal Studios. How COOL is that? I’ve been around the backlot on the Universal Studios tour but you’re on a long tram/bus thing the whole time and can’t really see everything. But during the race, it was like being ON SET.

To give you an idea, here was our race course:

Start- The town square! The most iconic movie that was shot here was Back to the Future. You can see in this picture (post race) that we’re standing right in front of City Hall where Doc has to climb up and help Marty get back to 1985!



Mile 1- On to the wild wild west! Then there was a HUGE HILL (it was awful… my calf muscles were screaming). After the hill we found ourselves amidst the entire War of the Worlds set. It was fun pretending the world was ending which then prompted us to run faster.

Mile 2- After War of the Worlds, we ended up at the Bates Motel. No, don’t worry, Norman Bates wasn’t there. I have to admit, after Bates Motel, the last part of this mile was pretty boring. We ran around 2 sides of a parking lot but then things got better. The heat didn’t really help with this either.

Mile 3- The coolest part about this mile was running right past Dreamworks headquarters. The gates open up just like in Jurassic Park. For all we know, Steven Spielberg could have been in there working on the next big. The last part of the race we found ourselves on the streets of NYC and then eventually back in the town square.


3. This was the first official step towards running a half marathon in October. I did’t really train for this 5K. I’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly and running and lifting but nothing specific. I was pleasantly surprised at how this race felt overall. I felt pretty strong and my lungs held it together. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to continue running and only get stronger. Every mile counts right?

Onward and forward to the next one!

Today’s advice: Wear your sunscreen. 




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