While You Were Sleeping In

Well…. Hello there!

I’ve always been known to be an early riser. I guess that comes from my parents. Sleeping late in my house growing up wasn’t easy. My family was always up early to enjoy the day.  Now that I’m 23…errrr I mean 24 (AH!) people find it amusing that I’m up at 7am on a Saturday. Frankly, I like waking up with the birds. I hate the feeling of waking up knowing that most of the day is already done and gone. But that’s just me.

SO, with the help of my close friends here in LA, they gave me the idea that I should start a blog and maybe even a #hashtag called ‘While You Were Sleeping In’ where I document my adventures in the early parts of the morning. You’d be surprised, a lot can happen!

The second purpose of this blog will be to document my progress towards a half marathon. The Rock N Roll Half Marathon is here in LA in October. I’ve never run that far in my life but I’m willing to test my strength to see if I can do it and maybe meet some great people along the way! Can’t wait to see how this journey will turn out.

Today’s advice: Always eat your veggies. 




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