Laguna Hills Memorial Day 5k

First of all… Happy Memorial Day! While you were all sleeping in, I ran the Laguna Hills Memorial Day 5k and it was awesome. I have some amazing relatives who live in Orange County here in Southern California. It’s always nice to know that I can escape from all the madness in LA and go […]

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The Accidental 5K

While you were all sleeping in, I decided to drive down to Santa Monica this morning to go for a run. I like to change up the scenery once in a while. Burbank is a great, safe place to run but I wanted something different today. This weekend was wide open for me and I […]

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So this didn’t happen while you were all sleeping in, BUT it was really fun so I thought I would blog about it. I’ve been looking into different running clubs in the Burbank/North Hollywood area and I found that the local Fleet Feet in Burbank is fairly new and they are developing some great running […]

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Back on Track

After taking my little sister to the airport this morning around 5 am, I decided to go check out the local high school track. I’m not sure how many people who read this blog (if anyone reads it hahaha) know that I was on the varsity outdoor track team all throughout high school. And I […]

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Officially Official

  So that happened. Yesterday morning after maybe half a cup of coffee, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in LA. I did it. It’s done. My money has been invested into it and there is no going back now. What’s really cool is that I’m […]

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Miles for Melanoma 5K

My first official post! Hooray! Ok it’s not that cool… but still! While you were all sleeping in, my bestie Laura and I tackled the Miles for Melanoma 5K. Now there a few cool things about this race…. 1. It’s to raise money for melanoma and skin cancer research. Running for a cause is something […]

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While You Were Sleeping In

Well…. Hello there! I’ve always been known to be an early riser. I guess that comes from my parents. Sleeping late in my house growing up wasn’t easy. My family was always up early to enjoy the day.  Now that I’m 23…errrr I mean 24 (AH!) people find it amusing that I’m up at 7am on […]

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